ENOAC is a digital warehouse of contemporary art works and related documents in the fields of ARTS and CRAFTS, STAGE DESIGN, ILLUSTRATION and VISUAL ARTS.

ENOAC’s intended audiences are art lovers, enthusiasts and collectors, researchers, and institutions such as libraries, colleges and universities. It presents a significant corpus of Quebec’s contemporary art as well as documentation on the creative processes of the artists. It also offers a platform to Quebec artists to self-promote, catalogue and archive their work.

The documentary wealth contained in ENOAC allows Internet users to discover Quebec artists and their works, and teachers and researchers to better integrate them into their academic curriculum by facilitating research. The steps to obtain the necessary permissions for the use of images and texts are simple and integrated to the platform.



Showcase of the site, the Public Section highlights the works recently uploaded in the digital warehouse. It allows Internet users to search for artists by name, disciplinary field (Stage Design, Visual Arts, Crafts or Illustration), category (painting, ceramics, costume, posters, etc.).

The Public section displays, for every artist or artisan enrolled in ENOAC, ten art works drawn from the complete profile of the artist. It shows how to access all the works from the Subscribers’s Section.


The Subscribers’ Section provides access to all the documentary content of the warehouse. It displays the full profile of each artist. One can find all the works and series of works constituting a children's book, a theatrical production, a collection or an exhibition. One can also find documents and images related to the artistic works such as contextual or detailed views, comments, invitation cards and articles.

The Subscribers’ Section offers users an opportunity to extend research by crossing criteria - ex. paint / years 1980 to 1989. It allows the creation of custom made lists of different searches that, within certain limitations, can be saved for later uses.


This section is reserved for the artists participating in ENOAC. It includes information associated with the artist’s profile, and all elements of their portfolio contained in the warehouse. Once connected, the artist participant may at any time make modifications or additions to the content that is published.

ENOAC plans to develop other services that will be offered to participating artists. These services will also be available in the Artists Section.


All original material posted (including, but not limited to, artistic works and their reproductions, articles and the website itself) is protected by Copyright. See the ENOAC section on copyright for some cues on how to understand Author’s Right (Copyright) in the context of Canadian laws and international conventions.