The Artists' Section gathers all the information about the artist participating in ENOAC. Once connected, the artist participant - or the person representing them - can make changes to its content at any time.

Some information of a public nature will appear in the pages intended for the general public and for subscribers: the name - in some cases the artist's name or the name of a collective, the field or disciplines in which the artist is registered into, year of birth - or death if appropriate, their region of origin, as well as their biography and / or artistic approach. If the artist or craftsperson is represented by a copyright collecting society, it will be identified in their profile. The coordinates of the artist, as well as any other personal information required to manage ENOAC, remain confidential.


The Portfolio section of the Artists' Section includes all information related to artistic works that a participating artist has uploaded into ENOAC. Once connected, the participant - or the person who represents them - can make changes at any time.

The portfolio presents various types of documents: reproductions of artistic works, images related to these works - or contextual details, comments, invitation cards and articles. The information gathered on each of the works uploaded in the warehouse makes it possible to specify whether a work is part of a series, included in a stage show, a collection, or if it is a public art work.

It is in this section that artists choose the ten works that will be appearing in their public page. The entire list of their works, and all the related documentation, are accessible to ENOAC' subscribers.


In a later development stage, ENOAC plans for the development of other services offered to participating artists. These will be also accessible from the Artists' Section.